Our upcoming networking forum will be held on Wednesday, September 18, 2019.  Sign-in will start at 11:00 am. The Banquet Luncheon will be served at noon and the meeting goes until 5:00 pm.

Past investor event attendees included Palmetto Partners, Savoy Capital, Gallipolis Partners, Cockrell Family Partners, Gaylord Interests, Duncan Interests, Cheyenne Partners, LB Capital, Way Holdings, RD Heritage, BJW Investments, Cullen Foundation, Elm Creek Partners, Duke Capital Management, Memorial Herman Investment Fund, Raymond James, Fenner Weller, Rushmore Investment Advisors, Southwell Partners, Tracadia Capital, Aggie Venture Partners, Houston Angel Network members, Aggie Angel Members, Hill Country Angel Members, Dallas/Ft. Worth Angel Members, Brazos Angel Members, Texas Halo Fund, and GOOSE Fund, among many others.

The “early-bird” investor registration fee is only $175.  You are allowed to bring up to two members of your firm or other “investor” guests at no charge. Please keep in mind that your guests must be bona fide active direct and accredited investors for their own personal account or that of the firm they represent, and may not include entrepreneurs seeking capital, vendors or service providers.

In order to make arrangements for your investor guests to attend, just send their names and business affiliation, if any, to me together with their e-mail addresses and phone numbers, and we will confirm their complimentary registrations on your behalf. As you may aware, we provide a financial guarantee to the club with respect to each confirmed guest for the banquet luncheon. In addition, we certify the roster of investor participants to the presenting companies. Accordingly, when inviting your guests, thank you so much for letting them know that this is not an “I’ll drop in if I can make it event” and they should not RSVP unless that are quite sure that they can attend and stay for most of the entire function.

 We are expecting 50+ guests, which will include many prominent people from the investment community. As we only have a few VIP guest tickets still available, thank you in advance for finalizing your arrangements to attend upon receipt of this confirmation in order to hold your reservation. Kindly note that admission to the forum as a VIP Guest requires this advance registration.  Alternatively, our standard Registration Fee of $275 would be applicable if seats are still available on the event date.

For additional information, please contact Stephen Brewer, President, ASG Corporate Finance, Inc., (713) 443-3662, steve@asgib.com