Meet The Team

Royce Heslep (Treasury), Klerly Manson (Secretary), Barry Griffin (Vice-Chairman), Odalis Suastegui (Administrative Assistant), Steve Brewer (Chairman)

Board Of Directors

President & CEO: Steve Brewer

Since 1972 I have enjoyed working with bright committed entrepreneurs structuring and funding capital through loans and private equity to fulfill the potential of ventures.

Recognizing that as the circumstances change in the capital markets, the structure and sources of capital must change accordingly, I have successfully arranged capital through IPsOs, reverse mergers, angel investors and institutional private equity investors.

For the foreseeable future my focus will be on funding asset based ventures in technology, oil and gas and minerals.

Director/Vice-Chairman: Barry Griffin

During 2003 a technology was developed and patented that made drinking water out of the hazardous waste known as Produced Oilfield Water. This was a fantastic achievement but it was ‘Before its time’.

In 2009 the Energy Drilling Industries improved a process known as Hydraulic Fracturing into one of the most important tools of the 21st century.

In 2014 the water from Producing Oil Wells and the Flow back of Fracking met this technology and positive changes are taking place.

During the years from 2014 through 2020 the process known as Clean Water Technology is positioned to be the biggest ‘Wealth Generator” the Oilfield Service Industry has known.

Texas Aggies and Friends of Texas A&M are positioned to grow their investment dollars into billions in family wealth through their LLC Memberships in the equipment that recycles the water from oil and gas production.

If you would like information on participating in this Private Placement Offering, then feel free to contact Barry Griffin DVM of Windsong Management LLC at

My job is to facilitate Memberships in each piece of equipment manufactured and operated by Clean Water Technology LLC

Director/Treasury: Royce Heslep

Mr. Royce Heslep began his career in corporate finance working for Fortune 1000 companies, American International Group and Global Marine Inc. He has held positions in the areas of financial analysis, budgeting, cash management, corporate planning, accounting, capital acquisition and human resources. He was also a Controller for Law Engineering and Environmental Services, an international consulting firm. At Law Engineering he started the company’s MIS department.

In 2002, Mr. Heslep Co-founded Aptia Systems, Inc. Royce capitalized on his finance experience and appreciation for technology to help businesses improve their bottom line by building custom designed web-based applications. Aptia has built over 300+ applications for large world-class organizations as well as startup entrepreneurial ventures. Aptia has won numerous awards for business growth and customer service.

Entrepreneurship is a passion as well as a career path for Royce. He is a graduate of the Houston Technology Center Acceleration Program, Vice President of the Houston Entrepreneurs’ Forum, Member of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), Vistage and The Entrepreneurship Institute.

As a Director of American Philanthropic Venture, Royce looks forward to helping entrepreneurs turn their vision into reality. Royce understands the challenges of early stage ventures particularly building the right team and raising capital. He will leverage his extensive network in Houston and experience as a CFO and CEO to help bring “life changing” technologies to market.